The beginning

Here goes people, I have no idea what I am doing, but I have started a blog. Actually, my neighbor and friend Daniel, who lives above me started the blog for me. (He is an great photographer, check out his stuff ) Thanks D. I am excited and Kim has asked me, what is your blog going to be about? I am not sure, but since I have one I am letting it all out. It will probably help with my anger outburst at random stupid things I see. So, some of the blog will be medical. I will next figure out how to create that page, it will be called The Therapeutic Page. Yeah, I have actually moved forward with my writers bloc. since I am creating pages, I will create one that has all the links to items, business, etc. that I note. An easier way to look up to past on if it so desired. Gosh, blogging is a lot of work if you let it get out of hand. I will not promise anything but honesty on my part. So if you read this hello, and thanks for reading and I hope all is good in your world. travis