Wundor Star back in the water

So, we have left Pt Townsend and it only took 6 weeks to fix most of the things on Wundor Star that we wanted to do. I was planning on 2 to 3 weeks, so I went over double the time. This is what we in the water world call Boat Time. So, we dressed the Wundor Star quite nicely, then Kim and I took her back to Port of Brownsville, a one day sail south. It took us two days, mostly because we are lazy sailors, and I do not like to spill my drink.

During our refit, that means in Boat Lingo, making a huge mess and having no idea how you will pay for it all, or how to put it all back together again, and why do I have more pieces left over that I am sure go some where important, but have no idea where? We put in the new ports, (windows), and they look great, open and do not leak! Yeah, it is always important to stop water from coming into the boat. The “boat”, you see, wants to sink at all times. Your job as the owner, is to see that it does not. That is the secret to boat ownership. Nothing more to it than that.

Kim and I had a great time, and want to thank Rob, Erik, Kevin, Oliver and Gary for all the help.


Place where the leaky old windows use to be.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Wundor Star with her bottom all scrapped clean.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Kim and I waiting for the change of the tides.

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