Wundor Star, our new boat.

Wondering StarAfter we sold Morning Star, our Fuji 35 Ketch, we took off to Spain, Africa and then Paris. Quite the exciting winter. Then upon returning to the US we visited family and Kim took a work assignment to Alaska. I started searching for our next boat. San Diego to Alaska, which included B.C. We thought we bought a Pearson 424, but the engine had issues that could have got expensive. Then, when Kim was finished with the assignment in Alaska, we jumped in the bus and drove/camped our way to, then around the Great Lakes. Having a good time and looking for our next boat. No luck on the boat front. After taking a drive back to Portland going through Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado, we ended up in Tacoma WA to look at a boat. And guess what, it wasn’t there either. But what was there was an ad on Craigslist, for a Down Easter 38 Ketch. It was in a little harbor called Brownsville, near Silverdale WA. Kim and I decided after a nice waterfront lunch, to drive the hour north and take a look. A DE 38, was not the boat I had been wanting at all. But two hours later, after Kim smiled at me and said “This is our boat”, I could not have agreed more. The sellers, Kelly and Linda were an older version of us, which made it much easier of a decision. So, we are getting ready to sail to Port Townsend WA to do a haul-out and replace some of the boat windows (ports) and paint the hull. We will keep you all up to date as our adventure starts aboard our new boat. New to us, it is after all 37 years old.



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