Bruce Willis ‘Die Hard’

Well Spain was excellent and we walked many streets and explored every plaza we encountered, and let’s not forget all the cathedrals, and gardens.  When Travis and I travel, one of us will plan a loose itinerary and the other will map read and “navigate”.  We had planned to visit a couple of gardens, and while I would start to direct us, “ok we will leave here and go left until we come to Calle”, Travis, “yippie Kaye mother …….”.   Without fail every time I would give a street name and they all are called ‘calle’ because we are in Spain, and the word for street is Calle, Travis pies in and interrupts my directions with the Bruce Willis line above.  It never got old.


Well we sure hit the cities with all out Dora the Explorer attitude.  The streets are very old and cobblestones or moorish stone patterns, which although beautiful, not so easy on the feet.  We made a point of exploring neighborhoods rather than touristy areas much of the time.  In doing so we would find interesting ‘Paseos’, or walking paths where parks and cafés would not be busy.  


We did enjoy finding the small markets near our flats, where we would buy cream for coffee, veggies with our rice, beer, and chat a little Spanish with the owners.  They got to know us and that seemed to make it even more enjoyable being in their neighborhood.

we did have a great time in Granada, Madrid, Nerja, Torremolinos, and Seville.  Becky joined us in Seville and took the role of navigator and was spectacular at finding fun.  We toured the museum of the Inquisition, way old building and not so fun a history for the “church” or the non Catholics…..  We all had the same ideas of what to do and explore so we got along great together.  We took the fast train to Cordoba for the day, and great there, becky toured the cathedral, Travis and I soaked in warm Hamamm bath, the we walked the “patio tour”. That was great, and we stumbled onto the royal horse arena and stables.

Well we were able to get back to Sevilla and enjoy PlaZa Hercules, the Macarena with her diamond tears, the Bodega Carbonaria Flamenco bar, and pre Carnaval festivities in a local neighborhood .




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