Fez, Morocco the land of me getting lost a lot and honey.



We we flew into Fez, and it was green and lush, trees were in bloom and fields were full of crops, I leaned over to Kim and said ” I was expecting sand dunes and camels”, sorry to all the people that live in Moroc, I did not do my research.  My cousin Jan is probably weeping right now, along with her husband, Jaser.  So, for you all who have never been here or at least watch PBS, Morocco, has all kinds of surprises.  And yes later in our trip we do get to a bunch of sand and even camels.  

But, lets stick to Fez, since that was our first stop.  We arrived and as we cleared customs, I was on high alert.  Never had I seen so many sights that I have never seen before, and every one was talking to each other as if they were mad.  Later, as my ear started to pick up on the sound of the Arabic dialect I realized it is a very vocal language.  

So, we meet our host inside the walls of the medina.  And by the way, this city is old.  So the streets are really only big enough for donkeys to carry what ever needs to be carried.  And they will bump into if you do not see them coming.  Our host, Khalid was sent to meet us by the owner of the AirBnB that we rented.  Khalid spoke Morocco French, which was a little bit off base from Kim’s High School French.  But we made it work.  That is sort of the fun of the travel, even though we seem to order things that we did not even realize that we wanted.  The order thing is a whole different travel topic, that one day I will cover.  As Khalid led us to what I could only assume was our death, but turned out to be our lodging.  I was so confused on where I was located, I only thought of the advice that my cousin Jan had given me, HIRE A GUIDE, well as much as it pains me to say, Jan you were right.  I will not try to explain or describe how the streets work in a medina, all I will say is one wrong left and your looking down an alley with camel heads hanging on the hook, or you take right and all you see are olives piled up five feet high and women yelling at the dude selling them.

So, we hired a guide, Rachid.  His language skills went way past mine, and he doesn’t get lost!  We got to explore Fez, I did buy the magic flying carpet that has been on my list of life time wants, and I was able to see a part of the world, that must be experienced, because no way could I described it to you.

Our host Khalid wife, Fouzia fixed three meals for us that were great.  And we got to have the famous mint tea, which was really tasty.  I am glad we started out in Fez, the city was overwhelming for me, but I think it was probably better that way.  

Next stop is boarding the Marrakech Express, no kidding, we really did.


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