Travel days

Well we have been traveling with ease most of our time here in Espana.  I say most of our, time because once we are to our destinacion, we do the fun things, like walking down streets we don’t know, ordering food in a different language, sitting in sunbeams at an outdoor cafe, and relax a bit.  The times we are not so relaxed, (to put it mildly), are the travel days , like going from Madrid to bus estacion, earlier than we are used to, to catch our autobus to get to Granada.  Or leaving Granada by city bus to get to the ALSA bus to Nerja the coastal resort town.  Or schlepping a 20# backpack! up the hill to bus stop to buy the ticket for the next town,  and then hanging out waiting for bus.  Now add waiting in line at the train stacion to buy tickets for next journey to Sevilla, two lines but only one available due to one customer buying multiple tickets for an entire year, taking up all the time literally an hour he was there, while the line grew in size and emotional instability.   I know poor us , you’re thinking, well we try to stay even keeled with each other but inevitably we find ways to blame each other for things like, “there was no toilet paper in the bus estacion bathroom, and I had to use a page out of my journal!” Angry look #532.  “


Or the favorite, “I thought you heard what they said, or I would have asked to clarify or speak more slowly” angry look # 613.

so when we finally get somewhere we are truly aware of how to relax, because we have been uneasy for the past 1/2 day and ready for dropping our guards and barbs and take in the surrounding fun to be had.  The best things are walking around exploring and hearing the lovely Spanish language, and seeing buildings older than my country of origin.



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